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Alex is the head instructor at Raven's Claw Glima Academy and highest graded Instructor of the art in the UK.


Alex is also the Chairman of the UK Glima Federation and the man who had the impossible dream to bring Glima, the Martial Art of the Vikings, to the UK. That dream is now a reality and after training under Grand Master Tyr Neilsen of The Academy of Viking Martial Arts in Norway he now leads the way coaching from the UK's first ever Glima Foundation Academy, Raven's Claw Glima.

Alex has been a lifelong student of Martial Arts studying and training in Judo from the mid 80's and more recently Muay Thai. Alex also coaches Boxing for fitness, a cross between Boxing technique training and HiiT called FightClub, from 101 Watling street.

Alex is also a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer and a full time Nutritional Therapist where he holds a Level 5 certification. From his private practice he coaches clients on the lifestyle changes required to combat obesity and the illnesses associated with it such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart conditions.


Zak is the Raven's Claw Junior Instructor. Zak has been traning under Alex as he prepares to study Sport Science at college. 

Zak's full profile will be coming soon!

“Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage.” – Deng Ming-Dao


FightClub is a calisthenic and cardiovascular workout with classes lasting one hour. It is a carefully crafted combination of Boxing Training and HiIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that integrates movements like skipping, boxing technique and drills, padded mitt work, footwork, slips, ducks, pivots, sprinting and abdominal and core workouts in timed rounds as in boxing but alternating as in circuit or interval training.

This specific combination is a full body fitness and toning workout like nothing else. With this fast-paced workout, you can expect to burn up to 10 calories per minute; that's close to 600 calories per hour!

FightClub is completely non contact, safe and suitable for everyone of any ability from ages 16+. 

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, United Kindom

E-mail: info@ukglima.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)7490 937 440

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