The Vikings are coming!

Welcome to Raven’s Claw Glima. We are proud members of the UK Glima Federation and the first Glima Academy ever to be incorporated in the UK. We are part of an unbroken line which dates back to Viking age Scandinavia. 


Until now Glima has been kept almost a secret by the Scandinavian Grand Masters who still teach it. It has never been taught in the UK, Raven’s Claw Glima is the first of a network of Glima Foundation Academies now launching across the country thanks to the UK Glima Federation.

Our coaches are trained to a high level, insured and members of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.

Here we coach the ancient art of Glima, the hand to hand combat system developed by the Vikings and used to devastating effect in battle and for friendly competition between tribes for sport and to settle disputes without bloodshed.

As a Martial Art Glima, which means a glimpse or flash in old Norse, is fast, aggressive and from a self defence perspective it translates easily to keep you safe if attacked on the street.

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The UKGF Presents

Vince Lombardi

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